Champions of Hara has found a publisher!

And not just any publisher. These guys are our dream team. We met Jeff Gracia and Tony Gullotti (the minds behind Zpocalypse and Yashima, respectively) at GenCon this past August, along with the rest of the Greenbrier family, and knew right away that we had found the perfect home for Hara.

If you haven’t heard of these guys, check out their most recent hit:


What does this mean for Hara?

This is huge news for us as a couple of young designers, and we couldn’t be more excited. Greenbrier Games is going to be taking Champions of Hara to an entirely new level! Their primary focus is on improving all of the game’s physical components, meaning you guys will be receiving a more polished and professional product. With GBG’s help, we’re going to able to include some of the stretch goals we didn’t previously hit, such as plastic energy cubes, in the base game. Additionally, our new partnership with Greenbrier means we’ll be able to produce some of the awesome expansion content we’ve been dreaming about over the past year.

Best of all, THERE WILL BE MINIS! We’re working with the Greenbrier’s incredible art team to miniaturize our Champions into playable figures. In the near future we’ll be sending concept art and prototype images your way, but a quick look at Folklore: The Affliction will show you what these guys are capable of creating.


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